Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Snowman Trek - A Rewarding Challenge for Experienced Trekkers

Beautiful Jomolahari Mountain
Jomolahari Mountain
Considered one of the most challenging treks in Bhutan and in the Himalayas, the Snowman Trek is undertaken by a handful of strong, experienced trekkers yearly. The reward is access to Lunana, Bhutan’s most remote region. The windows for Snowman Treks are quite short - just mid-June and the first three weeks of October—so if you are interested, contact a licensed tour operator in Bhutan as early as a year ahead and reserve your slot.

A typical Snowman Trek crosses 11 high passes defining the borders of Tibet and Bhutan, each averaging 4,500 meters above sea level. From up there, you can savor views of Jichu Drakey and Jhomolhari. Trekkers follow trails through encampments of yak herders as well as isolated farming settlements and then proceeds to Lunana. Amid a backdrop of 7000-meter peaks are secluded villages and tiny monasteries that are essentially cut off from the rest of the kingdom for many months of the year.

Some treks require you to camp on snow, depending on the weather. The beauty of seeing Bhutan on foot is that you can access the country’s remotest valleys and regions—which most tourists never see—and can even spend a few days enjoying the most beautiful hot springs of the Himalayas.

Not for the Weak

Note that Snowman Treks are designed for trekkers with a lot of training and experience. A 30-day trekking adventure can be physically taxing for the uninitiated. Some of the most physically challenging part of the trek might take you to extreme heights of more than 7,000 meters above sea level (as in the case of Jhomolhari, which is the third highest peak in Bhutan). If successful, this physically challenging trek will reward you with an outstanding experience of being up close to the pristine landscapes of this mystical kingdom, making friends with wonderful locals, and truly imbibing Buddhist culture. Be sure to join a reliable trekking tour provided by a licensed travel agency to get the best value.