Monday, 21 September 2015

Heavenly Mesmerizing Bhutan Cultural Tour for Family

Nuns of Bhutan
Boasting of deep valleys gushing with clear rivers, forested mountains, Buddhist monasteries and dzongs, Bhutan has surely a charming and hospitable culture that your family will love for generations. Culture is basically the living aspect of the Bhutanese people, surrounded by virgin nature, unique tradition& lifestyle and obviously the rich arts and architectures. Hence, each year a number of tourists plan their Holiday in Bhutan and be the part of cultural activities, outdoor tour/sports, visit centuries old best temples and dzongs. In short, this place is a total action-packed destination for you and your family.

What to expect on your tour to Bhutan
Bhutan is the home to a vibrant Buddhist way of life, i.e. the centre of attraction for many of the tourists. But if you are unknown to what exactly the Bhutan Cultural Tour is all about, then you must be aware of all the facilities that Bhutan tour offers you.

1. Visiting Valleys

Known as the complete value for money package, the tour encompasses the visit to the valleys of:
  • Thimphu
  • Paro
  • Wangduephodrang
  • Trashigang
  • Punakha
  • Trongsa
  • Gangtey /Phobjikha
  • Bumthang

2. Cultural Activities

The cultural tour in Bhutan is borne with a number of cultural activities that drivers the tourists to visit Bhutan again and again. Some of the most loved activities are:
  • Cycling
  • Trekking
  • Photography
  • Camping

3. Enjoying Bhutan Festivals

Featuring dances performed by laymen and trained monks; the Tsechus celebrated in Bhutan are one of the best ways to experience its culture of ancient living. These festivals can be said as the Best Time of Year to Visit Bhutan, as they provide a great opportunity to see locals gathered in their Gho’s and Kira’sto celebrate their culture and faith. The festival tour will let you experience the beauty and magnificence of Bhutan’s varied festivals:
  • ThimphuTsechu (Festival)
  • ParoTsechu (Festival)
  • PunakhaTsechu (Festival)
  • BumthangUraTsechu(Festival)
  • JambayLhakhangDrup
  • Black-Necked Crane Festival

Options for Accommodation

While you are on a tour to Bhutan, you can be rest assured that the accommodation would not be difficult to locate. But if you are still not sure about the accommodation and like to confirm it for the convenience of your family, then you can easily go through the Bhutan Travel Packages available on websites and look for different options (as per your specifications). You can easily choose from the option of government recognized hotels and lodges, or superior, luxury hotels and resorts. Not just this, transport facilities are also included in such packages.

Delve Deep into the Beauty

Referred to as ‘The Last Shangri-La’, Bhutan is nestled high in the tranquil Himalayas with vibrant religion, rich bio-diversity and a whole lot of scenic grandeur. So, while you are in Bhutan, leave all your worries and just delve deep into the exquisite beauty of this mystical land. The dragon kingdom is waiting for you with open arms of hospitality and culture to make your trip to Bhutan as the most enjoyable and memorable experience of a lifetime.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

How Bird Watching In Bhutan Brings You Closer to Wildlife

Bird watching in Bhutan
Bird of Bhutan
Known as a recreational activity, bird watching or birding is a form of observing wildlife in its natural habitat. Most of the bird lovers and ornithologists, Travel To Bhutan each year to search for the most elusive and enigmatic bird species in the Himalayas. With almost 670 species of birds, Bhutan is certainly a paradise for the bird lovers and for those who love exploring nature and new places. From the late 1980s, Bhutan has been increasingly opened to the outside world and takes significant steps to maintain its biodiversity. Thus, since years, the Bhutan Birding tours are highly cherished, owing to the preserved natural habitat of some of the most awe-inspiring bird species.

Hence, if you are nature, wildlife or a bird lover, then these tours can give you the most memorable moments of your lifetime. Getting closer to the natural habitat can be an utter fun. Generally the natural habitat of these species is classified into the following 4 major types that are the home to many beautiful birds:

1. Alpine Habitats

In this high-altitude scrub, different bird species are found that include the Tibetan Snowcock, Snow Partridge, Blue-fronted Redstart, Rosy Pipit and Alpine Accentor. Above 4600 m, there is little or no vegetation. Most of the landscapes are dominated by glaciers and rocks. Even so, there exists birdlife, with Red-fronted Rosefinch and Grandala.

2. Warm and Subtropical Broadleaved Forests

Subtropical forests are the richest in bird species. Hence, if you are looking for authentic Bird Watching in Bhutan, this forest is the right choice for you. It grows up to 1,000 m along the foothills and is the habitat of various endangered species, including Rufous-necked Hornbill, Nuthatch, Chestnut-breasted Partridge, Yellow-vented Warblers, Broad-billed Warbler and White-naped yuhina.

3. Cool Broadleaved Forests

This forest is second only to the subtropical forest, in terms of richness of bird species. Some of the globally threatened species, such as Blyth’s Tragopan and Chestnut-breasted Partridge are found here. Further, these forests are the breeding grounds for Hoary-throated Barwing, Brown-throated Fulvetta, Rufous-throated Wren Babbler and Ward’s Trogon.

4. Wetlands

The wetland species that are globally threatened can be easily found regularly in Bhutan. They are the rare White-bellied Heron and the Pallas’s Fish Eagle. The valleys formed on Himalayan river courses marked the contact between Indian and Eurasian wildlife. Typical species found here include forktails, Kingfishers, Wagtails, Dippers, Redstarts and Blue Whistling Thrush.

Hence, the Bhutan Adventures are not just limited to trekking or river rafting; rather, these tours bring you closer to nature and wildlife. The forests here are rich and diverse. This provides the best ecological instances of forest habitats in the Himalayas.

How to Reach to This Paradise

To explore birding Tours in Bhutan, you can easily drive through the border town of Phuntsholing (that link with West Bengal) or SamdrupJongkhar and Gelephu (that links with Assam). You can even travel to Bhutan via the main entry point, i.e. the town of Paro. It is also the home to the first international airport in Bhutan. Hence, you can travel both by air or land; Bhutan and the natural, preserved biodiversity will certainly shower on you, a warm welcome.