Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Are Eastern Bhutan Tours Perfect For Family and Adventures?

Bhutan Orchid
The lush environment, breathtaking sceneries, and ancient culture make Eastern Bhutan, a land of beauty and hospitality. The entire eastern region is covered with unspoiled natural beauty, pristine forests, towering cliffs and great variations in climatic conditions and altitude. Hence, it offers authentic experiences to everyone who plans his Trip to Bhutan. No matter you are an adventure-oriented person or a peace-loving individual, the eastern circuit has something for every type of individual. Basically, the eastern region is the perfect location for day hikes/longer treks. A number of adventurous tourists come here and be the part of a mesmerizing adventurous experience. On the other hand, travellers to Eastern Bhutan (who are not that adventure-oriented), come with their families to experience the ancient spiritual practices, vibrant festivals, and the spellbinding scenic beauty.

Places to Visit with Your Family                                                     

The eastern circuit includes a number of exotic and enticing tourist destinations that you must not miss if you are planning a tour to this mythical Buddhist kingdom. Some of the major Tourist Attractions in Bhutan(eastern region) that your family would love are:

1. Mongar

Mongar marks the beginning of Eastern Bhutan Tours, i.e. the boundary that defines an eastern circuit, starts from here. Travellers passing through this way have the opportunity to visit and explore the Rhododendron Garden, where you can even get a glimpse of the world’s highest unclimbed mountain, i.e. GangkharPuensum.

2. Trashiyangtse

With its wealth of cultural, historical and natural resources,Trashiyangtse is an ultimate destination that you and your family will never forget. The district showcases Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary that is known as the home of Tigers, Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, Barking Deer, Black Necked Cranes and Red Pandas. Hence, it is one of the most visited Tourist Places in Bhutan.

Bhutan Hornbil

3. Lhuntse

77km away from Mongar, lies the Lhuentse (Kortoe), that is borne with gorges, stark cliffs, and dense coniferous forests. It hosts several sacred sites of pilgrimage and is notably famous for special textiles and weaves that are highly praised in the country. Kurtoep women are especially talented at weaving called Kishuthara (a renowned textile).

4. Trashigang

Trashigang lies on the bank of Gamri Chu River. Today this district is the junction of east, west highway that connects to SamdrupJongkhar and then to Assam. This town is known as the ‘Jewel of the East’ and used as the marketplace for semi-nomadic people whose costumes are unique in Bhutan.

Don’t Miss the Adventurous Quotient of Eastern Bhutan
An ideal way to experience the charm of Himalayas is to explore the eastern Bhutan Treks.  With a huge array of trekking supplies and crew, you can trek through verdant and wild forests with abundant birds and animal lives, snow-capped mountains and ice-fed gushing streams.  From low to high altitude treks, this place consists of the Best Treks in Bhutan.

The natural beauty and mind-blowing adventures are welcoming you with open arms. So, just stop planning and quickly pack your bags to give your family, the moments full of fun, peace and adventure.