Tuesday, 31 May 2016

6 Enticing & Thrilling Treks in Bhutan for Adventure Lovers

Famed for its well preserved ancient Buddhist culture, pristine nature and breathtaking mountain scenery, Bhutan is a tiny country that is today an ideal destination for camping and adventure-loving tourists. Every year Bhutan welcomes thousands and thousands of tourists who get off the wondrous Bhutanese landscapes and enjoy trekking in Bhutan. About 80% of the landscapes in Bhutan are covered by forests that provide the tourists, complete wilderness. Most of the trek routes pass through protected areas, where you will be glad to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Ranging from short soothing walks to high altitude treks, Bhutan offers an unequalled experience to the tourists who love trekking and adventure.

The major Treks in Bhutan that are highly acclaimed among the tourists are:

1. Druk Path Trek

This trek leads from Paro to Thimphu and vice versa. The trail goes through spectacular rhododendron forests, high pasture lands with great views of Jomolhari and Himalayan peaks. On this trail, you can easily find yaks and yak herders, along with a great opportunity for fishing in Bhutan in the most beautiful lakes. The highest point of this trek is Phume La Pass that provides a view of Gangkhar Puensum.

2. Jomolhari Trek

This trek basically starts at Drukgyel Dzong. Hiking through apple orchards, rice paddy fields, rushing streams and forests; the trek gradually becomes challenging and exciting. Reaching the Jangothang base camp, you will get a stunning view of Mount Jomolhari (7513m). The major feature of this trek is high ridges, snow-capped mountains, conifer forests, yaks, musk deer, blue sheep, and elusive marmots.

3.Laya Gasa Trek

This trek encompasses picturesque farmland and forests, alpine pastureland and high passes. The highest pass on this trek is Shingche La. You may find ample chance to spot blue sheep, yaks, vultures and various rare birds. Additional features of this trekking route are its spectacular campsites, such as Jomolhari and Jichu Drake. Further, this track also provides a great deal of cultural interest.

4. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

The ideal way to experience Adventure in Bhutan is to explore the wonderful treks, including Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek that is a quick trek passing through picturesque high altitude lakes. This trek even offers the most stunning views of numerous chains of Himalayan peaks.

5. Snowman Trek

Passing through the remote Lunana District, this trek is considered as the most difficult trek in Bhutan and the entire world. Hence, you have to be very fit for the purpose of trekking on this challenging but thrilling trek. Trekking here can be a lifetime relishing the experience for you. The altitude, distances, weather and remoteness are the major attributes that make it tough and adventurous.

6. Wild East Rodungla Trek

This trek involves a tremendously long and steep descent. Thus, it is really important that you confirm that your Bhutan Tour Operator offers precise and accurate services for the safety measures of your family. Also, you must stay abreast with the camping and trekking facilities.

Parting Tip

Ensure that you choose the best season to go trekking on the world’s best treks. Ideally, March to April and September to November is recommended for trekking purposes. However, you can go to have fun and adventure in Bhutan any time or season of the year. You will be welcomed with sheer warmth. 

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