Monday, 9 May 2016

Adventure Oriented Bhutan Cycling Tours for Friends & Family

Owing to the scenic beauty, mesmerising locations and excellent paved roads with minimal traffic, Bhutan is gaining immense popularity as a perfect cycling destination. Amidst the stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems, cycling in Bhutan has won the hearts of many, since years. The rides are challenging and highly adventurous, as well as cyclists are rewarded with spellbinding views of forested valleys that are dotted with ancient Dzongs, monasteries and temples. Hence, exploring the beauty of Bhutan via cycling can be a memorable and a visual treat for your friends and family.

Specifically, Bhutan Cycling Tours are famous for providing a variety of biking routes to the tourists that range from smooth journeys on precisely paved roads to challenging journeys on dirt trails that wind through rough terrain. The choice of cycling route totally depends on you. However, it is generally advisable to choose the biking route as per your fitness level.
As per your love for adventure and fitness level, the cycling Tours of Bhutan offer unfading experiences of a lifetime, on account of the following:

1. Short Biking Routes

If you are a person who is not used to cycling but still desires to have some fun with a cycling trip, then you are surely the perfect one to try out the relatively shorter routes. These routes have comparatively a lower difficulty quotient. Hence, it can be the apt option for your family. Cycling through the highest unforgettable passage in Bhutan (Chele-la), you will explore the exquisite beauty of Haa valley and the monuments in Paro and Thimphu valleys.

2. More exciting and longer Ascends

Certain routes are specifically designed to bring you closer to the mountains and make the cycling trip as one of the thrilling moments of your Holidays in Bhutan. The excitement and audacious level definitely increase here, as the roads are related to some remote places. Also, the tourists get closer to the pristine Phobjika valley in the Black Mountains, a castle on the foothills of the Himalayas and enjoy the majestic Gasa Dzong.

3. The Paradise Route

The route from Paro to Bumthang is regarded as the best route to explore the Scenic Beauty of Bhutan. Hence, it is no less than a paradise. Be prepared for long ascends and cultural sightseeing on this route. You may even get the view of the Paro valley from the high cliff as well as visit Tiger’s Nest, one of the most popular destinations in Bhutan.

Condition of the Roads

Now, when you know what makes this trip exciting and thrilling; you must also be mindful of the conditions of the roads, to be on safer side with your family. The traffic is quite moderate in Bhutan and the main roads are paved. Hence, cycling with your family would not be messier or dangerous. Occasionally there would be damaged dusty part, but basically, that is what adventure is all about. However, Bhutan Tour Operators offer complete safety measures to the cyclists.

Hence, no need to be concerned about the safety measures of your family or friends. Just carry your own cycle or hire one from Bhutan and enjoy the relishing moments of your life.

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