Friday, 1 July 2016

4 Key Elements to Look For in Bhutan Trekking Packages

Deemed to be nestled high in the tranquil Himalayas, the mystical kingdom of Bhutan is no less than a paradise. With rich bio-diversity, cultural splendour, rich history, vibrant religion and scenic grandeur, Bhutan has certainly preserved its exquisite beauty since years. These fascinating attributes drive thousands of tourists to visit and explore the charming and unequalled beauty of this splendid destination. Usually, a number of tourists who visit Bhutan for an excursion, get inclined towards captivating treks that are part of the major highlights of Tourism in Bhutan.
Jomolahari Mounain Bhutan

These treks basically help the trekkers/tourists to get closer to the culture of the Bhutanese people, stunning mountain vistas and explore the untouched wilderness regions of Bhutan. To make sure that the adventure tour has proven to be a sheer fun, most of the trekkers go through a number of Bhutan Trekking Packages and make sure that they choose the right package as per their specifications.

So, if you are also planning for a Visit to Bhutan, then these types of packages can be your ultimate ally while trekking. The services offered in these packages would help you keep track of all the scenic beauties, abundant wildlife species and the beautiful mountains passing-by. Hence, no doubt these packages will guide you throughout your tour and make sure to provide you with a closer view of the following 4 key elements:

1. Major Treks

  • Druk Path Trek
  • Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek
  • Snowman Trek
  • Merak Sakteng Trek
  • Nabji Korphu Trek
  • Gangtey Trek and much more

As per your preferences, you can choose any of the treks to initiate your trekking expedition. Different packages are usually available for separate treks. Some of the major treks are:

2. Flora and Fauna          

Almost 72% areas covered under forest, Bhutan is considered as a home to exotic flora and fauna. Whichever is your trekking package, you will be delighted to explore the diverse species of orchids, rhododendron and various medicinal plants. On the other hand, you might also get a glimpse of rare fauna species, such as leopards, red pandas, white-collared black bears, langur monkeys and one-horned rhinoceros.
Bhutan Mountain Flower

3. Vibrant Festivals

The festivals celebrated in Bhutan are no less vibrant as the Bhutanese people. These packages may include introducing you to the captivating festivals held in Bhutan. But you need to confirm the festival dates before expecting a festival tour. Some of the festivals are as follows:
  • Wangdue Tshechu
  •  Masutaki Mushroom Festival
  • Haa Summer Festival
  • Thimphu Tshechu
  • Black Necked Crane Festival

4. Camping Sites and Activities

While camping for the night, a number of cultural programs, sports and other activities might be initiated as a part of your Bhutan Trekking Tour package. Also, you will get the golden opportunity to camp at the most exciting and beautiful sites, such as the following:
  • Punakha
  • Bumthang
  • Phobjikha
  • Haa
It is now clear that these packages are surely meant to bridge the gap between you and the scenic beauties & adventures of Bhutan. No matter, what type of package you choose; the basic and the most considerable elements (such as the ones above) will certainly fall your way.