Monday, 31 October 2016

4 Amazing and Great Sites for Camping in Bhutan

Known as the best recreational activity, camping is an acclaimed way to spend the time outdoors, specifically in the arms of nature. Camping activities in Bhutan can be organised at some of the greatest and highly acclaimed sites that provide you spellbinding outdoor experience along with several fun activities, such as campfire, khuru-dart and even cultural programs. Hence, if you are planning for authentic and supreme grade Camping in Bhutan, you will not only explore the beauty of the night but also be a part of the various culture and outdoor sports.

Some of the greatest camping sites that you can find the most relishing in Bhutan are:

1. Punakha

Located at an approximate average elevation of 1350m, Punakha offers a spectacular camping experience to the adventure lovers. This site is just 72km away from Thimphu. It is surrounded by many little villages and the fertile Punastangchu valley. Hence, most of the travellers love camping here, as the site offers a mind blowing view of the nature and essence of the traditional life of the village. The ideal time for camping here is in autumn, winter &spring.

2. Bumthang

The valley of Bumthang cannot be compared to any other district in Bhutan, as this camping site is blessed by Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). Visiting Bhutan and specifically this site can turn out to be your indelible moment, as Bumthangis often considered as the Second Switzerland and consists of the maximum number of festivals and religious sites. Due to this, a notable number of tourists travel to this place for camping whole night and enjoying the mesmerizing aura. It is situated at an average altitude of 2650m and preferable for camping during all the four major seasons. Another reason that attracts tourists each year to this site is the Bumthang Owl Trek that provides great mountain views and feel of the local culture.

3. Phobjikha

Phobjikha falls in the Bhutan district of WangduePhodrang. It hardly takes almost 3 hours drive from Punakha and 5 hours drive from Thimphu. Reaching here and camping with your friends and family will provide you captivating views of mountains as well as the black necked cranes that migrate in every winter. Further, this site is also famous for abundant yaks and cows as well as the rhododendron garden. Located at 2900m, this site is ideal for camping in spring, winter and autumn.

4. Haa

Bordered with Sikkim in the west and Tibet in the north, this site is located at an average elevation of 2200m. Also, it is an ideal camping spot for all seasons. The camping activities are basically included in the Bhutan Trekking Tours itself. Hence, while camping, you need not to worry about any extra expenses or arrangements for tents, food and other amenities required during camping.

Extra Precaution for Kids

You are now ready to go and camp in the most beautiful valleys of Bhutan, but before going out for camping, always remember to carry appropriate clothing to protect your child. You can carry sun hats in the summer and long-sleeved clothes, if the outside temperature suddenly drops. Provide your children with a glow stick and remind them each day what to do to be safe. Be adventurous, be happy and ensure yours and your family’s safety while camping.